frog size on continental islands of the coast of rio de janeiro and the generality of the island rule.island rule postulated that individuals on islands tend to dwarfism when individuals from mainland populations are large and to gigantism when mainland populations present small individuals. there has been much discussion about this rule, but only few studies were carried out aiming to reveal this pattern for anurans. our study focused on measuring the size of individuals on islands and to find a possible pattern of size modification for insular anurans. individuals were collected on continental ...201829324790
bromeliad treefrogs as phoretic hosts of ostracods.aquatic organisms can use many methods of dispersal among discrete freshwater habitats, and phoresy is an important but poorly understood mechanism. tank bromeliads are small and unconnected habitats used by many animals, and some of them use phoresy for dispersal. ostracods living in bromeliads used treefrogs as phoretic hosts for dispersal. we investigated the distribution of phoretic ostracods among body parts of treefrogs (scinax littoreus and scinax perpusillus), the prevalence and intensit ...201424796544
habitat selection by anurofauna community at rocky seashore in coastal atlantic forest, southeastern brazil.rocky seashores are low granitic hills distributed along the southeastern brazilian coast with xeric-like vegetation due to the shallow soil. knowledge on amphibian communities and their reproductive patterns is especially reduced on this kind of environment. herein, we present a framework of two years monitoring an amphibian community at a rocky seashore environment located at the protected area of parque estadual da serra da tiririca, municipality of niterói, state of rio de janeiro, brazil. w ...201324212694
parameters from the community of leaf-litter frogs from estação ecológica estadual paraíso, guapimirim, rio de janeiro state, southeastern brazil.we studied the leaf-litter frog community of estação ecológica estadual paraíso, in guapimirim, rio de janeiro state, southeastern brazil. herein we combined three sampling methods (large plots, visual encounter surveys and pit-fall traps) to present data on species composition, richness, relative abundance and densities. the local assemblage of frogs associated to the leaf-litter was composed by 14 species, belonging to nine families. haddadus binotatus, a direct-developing frog, was the most a ...201121971595
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