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evaluation of staff performance and material resources for integrated schistosomiasis control in northern senegal.a project to improve integrated control of schistosomiasis in the primary health care system of northern senegal was implemented from february 1995 until september 1999, shortly after a schistosoma mansoni outbreak. the activities included additional training of doctors and nurses in symptom-based treatment and making praziquantel (pzq) available for an affordable price.200211851957
cheap, rapid and efficient dna extraction method to perform multilocus microsatellite genotyping on all schistosoma mansoni stages.schistosomes are endoparasites causing a serious human disease called schistosomiasis. the quantification of parasite genetic diversity is an essential component to understand the schistosomiasis epidemiology and disease transmission patterns. in this paper, we propose a novel assay for a rapid, low costly and efficient dna extraction method of egg, larval and adult stages of schistosoma mansoni. one euro makes possible to perform 60,000 dna extraction reactions at top speed (only 15 min of incu ...200818797767
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