ligula intestinalis (cestoda: diphyllobothriidae) in kenya: a field investigation into host specificity and behavioural alterations.within the distribution of ligula intestinalis, a tapeworm affecting freshwater fishes, there are genetically distinct and well-separated phylogenetic clusters. east africa is represented by a single monophyletic clade which is understudied compared with euro-mediterranean clades. the present field investigation in the lake baringo and naivasha catchments, kenya, revealed that this l. intestinalis clade was highly host-specific, present in only 2 of 12 fishes examined; barbus paludinosus in naiv ...200919627635
interplay of host specificity and biogeography in the population structure of a cosmopolitan endoparasite: microsatellite study of ligula intestinalis (cestoda).organisms with wide geographical or phenotypic diversity often constitute assemblages of genetically distinct species or lineages. within parasites, an emergence of host-specific lineages is assumed to create such cryptic variability; however, empirical evaluation of these processes is scarce. here, we analyse populations of a parasite with a complex life cycle, wide host spectrum and global distribution, with the aim to reveal factors underlying the evolution of host- or geography-dependent lin ...200919222754
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