combined effects of pesticides and trematode infections on hourglass tree frog polypedates cruciger.the impact of widespread and common environmental factors, such as chemical contaminants, on infectious disease risk in amphibians is particularly important because both chemical contaminants and infectious disease have been implicated in worldwide amphibian declines. here we report on the lone and combined effects of exposure to parasitic cercariae (larval stage) of the digenetic trematode, acanthostomum burminis, and four commonly used pesticides (insecticides: chlorpyrifos, dimethoate; herbic ...201626911919
malformations and mortality in the asian common toad induced by exposure to pleurolophocercous cercariae (trematoda: cryptogonimidae).malformations and increased mortality due to infection by the digenetic trematode, riberioa ondatrae have been reported for many species of amphibians. severe malformations have also been reported in the common hourglass tree frog, polypedates cruciger induced by pleurolophocercous cercariae in sri lanka in addition to the changes in the behaviour, development and survival of the host. we exposed pre-limb bud stage tadpoles (gosner stages 25-26) of the asian common toad, duttaphrynus melanostict ...201323353759
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