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apodemus sylvaticus, a new host for acanthocheilonema viteae (nematoda: filarioidea).susceptibility of apodemus sylvaticus and a. agrarius to infection with acanthocheilonema viteae was compared with that of hamsters and jirds. microfilaremia in a. sylvaticus was first noted on day 52 post-infection (p.i.) and lasted during the course of the study (up to day 150 p.i.). maximum microfilaremic levels (female worm basis) of a. sylvaticus [mean +/- s.d. (n) = 690 +/- 1288(6)] were considerably higher than those of hamsters [16 +/- 18(6)] and jirds [51 +/- 25(5)]. adult worm recovery ...19912040555
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