gastrointestinal helminths (cestoda, chabertiidae and heligmonellidae) of pogonomys loriae and pogonomys macrourus (rodentia: muridae) from papua indonesia and papua new guinea with the description of a new genus and two new species.pieces of cestode, not indentified further, and 12 species of nematode including 1 new genus, 3 new species and 7 putative new species from the families chabertiidae and heligmonellidae were collected from the digestive tracts of 16 pogonomys loriae and 19 p. macrurous (murinae: hydromyini) from papua, indonesia and papua new guinea. the chabertiid cyclodontostomum purvisi and the heligmonellid odilia mackerrasae have been described previously from endemic murids. hasanuddinia pogonomyos n. sp. ...201425544134
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