molecular evidence of sarcocystis species in captive snakes in japan.sarcocystis nesbitti, using snakes as the definitive host, is a causative agent of acute human muscular sarcocystosis in malaysia. therefore, it is important to explore the distribution and prevalence of s. nesbitti in snakes. nevertheless, epizootiological information of s. nesbitti in snakes remains insufficient because few surveys have assessed sarcocystis infection in snakes in endemic countries. in japan, snakes are popular exotic pet animals that are imported from overseas, but the degree ...201526044884
examination of sarcocystis spp. of giant snakes from australia and southeast asia confirms presence of a known pathogen - sarcocystis nesbitti.we examined sarcocystis spp. in giant snakes from the indo-australian archipelago and australia using a combination of morphological (size of sporocyst) and molecular analyses. we amplified by pcr nuclear 18s rdna from single sporocysts in order to detect mixed infections and unequivocally assign the retrieved sequences to the corresponding parasite stage. sarcocystis infection was generally high across the study area, with 78 (68%) of 115 examined pythons being infected by one or more sarcocyst ...201729131856
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