mycoplasmal conjunctivitis in a european starling.bilateral conjunctivitis and episcleritis were identified in an adult european starling (sturnus vulgaris). a novel mycoplasma species, mycoplasma sturni, was isolated in pure culture from the conjunctiva of both eyes. the clinical presentation was similar to that of conjunctivitis in house finches (carpodacus mexicanus) caused by mycoplasma gallisepticum. however, the histologic lesions were distinct, by the presence of ulceration and by the absence of epithelial hyperplasia and lymphoplasmacyt ...19979131571
mycoplasma sturni from blue jays and northern mockingbirds with conjunctivitis in florida.northern mockingbirds (mimus polyglottos) and blue jays (cyanocitta cristata) in a florida (usa) wildlife care facility developed clinical signs and gross lesions suggestive of the ongoing outbreak of mycoplasma gallisepticum (mg) conjunctivitis in house finches (carpodacus mexicanus) and american goldfinches (carduelis tristis). mycoplasmal organisms were cultured from conjunctival/corneal swabs of birds with sinusitis, conjunctivitis, and/or epiphora. all of the isolates tested were identified ...19989577796
mycoplasma sturni from a california house finch with conjunctivitis did not cause disease in experimentally infected house finches.mycoplasma gallisepticum conjunctivitis emerged in 1994 as a disease of free-ranging house finches (carpodacus mexicanus) in north america and has also been isolated from other songbirds with conjunctivitis. a key feature for the successful study of natural and experimental disease has been the apparent, very-high correlation between characteristic eye lesions and m. gallisepticum. mycoplasma sturni was originally isolated from an adult european starling (sturnus vulgaris) with bilateral conjunc ...201020688712
house finch (haemorhous mexicanus) conjunctivitis, and mycoplasma spp. isolated from north american wild birds, 1994-2015.sampling wild birds for mycoplasma culture has been key to the study of house finch (haemorhous mexicanus) conjunctivitis, yielding isolates of mycoplasma gallisepticum spanning the temporal and geographic ranges of disease from emergence to endemicity. faced with the challenges and costs of sample collection over time and from remote locations for submission to our laboratory for mycoplasma culture, protocols evolved to achieve a practical optimum. herein we report making m. gallisepticum isola ...201627285414
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