the indian langur: preliminary report of a new nonhuman primate host for visceral leishmaniasis.described are the susceptibility of the indian langur (presbytis entellus) to leishmania donovani and the consequent haematological and serum biochemical changes. the host response to antileishmanial chemotherapy and the immunological profile were also examined. each langur was inoculated intravenously with 1 x 10(8) amastigotes; a spleen biopsy carried out on day 35 post-infection (p.i.) revealed 10-13 l. donovani bodies per 500 cell nuclei, which reached a maximum of 130-195 at death (day 105- ...19921314709
vaccination of langur monkeys (presbytis entellus) against leishmania donovani with autoclaved l. major plus bcg.the protective potential of killed leishmania major (alm) along with bcg was evaluated against l. donovani in indian langur monkeys in single and triple dose schedules. a delayed protection was observed in monkeys after a single dose schedule of alm (3 mg)+bcg (3 mg) given intradermally 2 months before intravenous challenge with l. donovani. triple dose schedule each of 1 mg alm + 1 mg bcg was more effective. the status remained unchanged until the end of the experiment (approximately 8 months). ...19989550214
leishmania donovani: cellular and humoral immune responses in indian langur monkeys, presbytis entellus.we have previously reported that disease mimicking human visceral leishmaniasis can be established in presbytis entellus, the indian langur monkey, following a single intravenous challenge of 10(8) leishmania donovani amastigotes. in the present report, infection was assessed in monkeys infected intravenously with a single dose of 10(8) amastigotes (hda group), three weekly doses of 10(7) amastigotes (lda group) and three weekly doses of 5 x 10(7) promastigotes (hdp group). typical clinical infe ...199910379815
successful vaccination against leishmania donovani infection in indian langur using alum-precipitated autoclaved leishmania major with bcg.autoclaved leishmania major (alm) along with bcg, presently undergoing phase ii clinical trial by who for its vaccine potential against cutaneous leishmaniasis, has been successfully evaluated in single and triple dose schedules against l. donovani in indian langurs (presbytis entellus). encouraged with the results, another formulation alum-precipitated alm (provided by who) along with bcg has been evaluated in this system. eight monkeys were vaccinated with alum-precipitated alm + bcg (1 mg of ...200111348715
establishment of asymptomatic leishmania donovani infection in indian langurs (presbytis entellus) through intradermal route.indian langurs, which were previously reported to be highly susceptible, were infected intradermally using variable numbers of promastigotes along with different doses, 1/2 pair, 5 pairs and 10 pairs respectively of salivary gland lysate (sgl). although, all the monkeys developed mild infection and remained subclinically infected throughout the observation period, which later resolved, none of them could develop the classical disease. no marked antigen specific antibody or lymphoproliferative re ...200212622211
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