[cellular composition of the lymph nodes of monkeys (rhesus macaque) under normal and experimental conditions].by means of mathematical methods, quantitative and qualitative changes were studied in different structural components of the mesenteric (ileocecal) lymph nodes in normal monkeys (macaca rhesus) and under per os administration of salmonella typhi murium, streptomycin-dependent. cellular composition was calculated in the cortical plateau, cortical (lymphoid) cords and in follicules. average percent of every cell type was determined. vaccine administration, was stated to inhibit cytopoiesis in the ...1978415703
serum zinc, iron, and copper concentrations during typhoid fever in man: effect of chloramphenicol volunteers experimentally infected with salmonella typhi, serum iron and zinc concentrations became significantly depressed and there was a concomitant rise in serum copper before the onset of overt clinical illness. however, after several days of fever and the initiation of chloramphenicol therapy, serum iron and zinc concentrations significantly increased. additional studies--in volunteers with typhoid fever treated with chloramphenicol, in a volunteer with typhoid fever receiving cefazolin ...19751090399
mucosal immunization with attenuated salmonella enterica serovar typhi expressing protective antigen of anthrax toxin (pa83) primes monkeys for accelerated serum antibody responses to parenteral pa83 vaccine.salmonella enterica serovar typhi vaccine strain cvd 908-htra was genetically engineered for stable plasmid-based expression of protective antigen of anthrax toxin (pa83) fused with the export protein clya (clya-pa83). the priming potential of cvd 908-htra expressing clya-pa83 was assessed in 12 rhesus and 20 cynomolgus macaques that were immunized mucosally (i.e., intranasally) on days 0 and 14. a parenteral booster with purified pa83 plus alum was given to rhesus macaques on days 42 and 225; c ...200919099487
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