the distribution of lipopolysaccharide in normocomplementemic and c3-depleted rabbits and rhesus examine the role of complement (c3) in determining the fate of lipopolysaccharide (lps) in vivo, the distribution of lps was studied in normocomplementemic (nc) and c3-depleted animals (pretreated with cobra venom factor [cof]) after intravenous injection of highly purified, radioiodinated salmonella minnesota r595 lps. after injection of a lethal (250 micrograms) or nonlethal (5 micrograms) dose of lps in nc and cof rabbits and a lethal (5 mg/kg) dose of lps in rhesus monkeys, the lps disapp ...19807435537
the effect of complement depletion on bacterial lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced hemodynamic and hematologic changes in the rhesus monkey.lipopolysaccharide (lps) isolated from salmonella minnesota r595 or from escherichia coli 0111:b4 induces hypotension in rhesus monkeys with normal complement levels. this hypotension is accompanied by decreased total peripheral resistance. the depletion of c3 and terminal complement components by prior intraperitoneal administration of the anticomplementary protein cobra factor did not alter the hemodynamic changes which occur following the rapid injection of 5 mg/kg of r595 lps, the infusion o ...197899042
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