fatal measles virus infection in japanese macaques (macaca fuscata).an outbreak of natural measles virus infection occurred in a group of japanese macaques (macaca fuscata). over a period of 4 months, 12 of 53 japanese macaques died following a 2-23-day history of anorexia, diarrhea, and dermatitis. the monkeys were kept in outdoor exhibits but had been moved temporarily into indoor caging and then transferred to new outdoor exhibits. ten monkeys died while they were in temporary caging, and two monkeys died after they were moved to new outdoor exhibits. the dia ...199910568440
[antibodies against measles virus in a japanese monkey macaca fuscata]. 196114481302
host and viral traits predict zoonotic spillover from mammals.the majority of human emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, with viruses that originate in wild mammals of particular concern (for example, hiv, ebola and sars). understanding patterns of viral diversity in wildlife and determinants of successful cross-species transmission, or spillover, are therefore key goals for pandemic surveillance programs. however, few analytical tools exist to identify which host species are likely to harbour the next human virus, or which viruses can cross species ...201728636590
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