[therapy of salmonellosis in macaca arctoides].four clinically normal m. arctoides shed salmonella infantis after the stress of transportation. one animal developed diarrhea and died. after therapy with 30 mg chloramphenicol/kg bw orally for two times eight days, thereafter 10 mg neomycin/kg bw orally for eight days and finally 2 mg gentamicin/kg bw i. m., they still shed s. infantis. oral application of daily 100 mg ofloxacin (tarivid) for 10 days and repetition of that same therapy for seven days after one week without therapy terminated s ...19902080512
[microbiological development studies in a clinically healthy, closed primate colony (macaca mulatta, macaca arctoides) after the establishment of a salmonella infection].a case of a salmonella infantis septicemia in a primate (macaca mulatta) probably induced by shipment stress gave rise to microbiological examination of fecal samples from all animals of a since 1976 closed colony of macaca mulatta and macaca arctoides. during 3 investigations carried out in 3 week intervals salmonella-positive animals were separated immediately from the stock. at the first examination 3 of 52, and at the second 2 of 49 samples were found to be salmonella-positive. at the third ...19892781877
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