characteristics of vacuolating toxin produced by helicobacter pylori.we sought a good indicator cell line to use in detecting the vacuolating toxin produced by helicobacter pylori and in examining the characteristics of the toxin.19947735930
vacuolating cytotoxin produced by avian pathogenic escherichia coli.the purpose of this study was to determine whether avian pathogenic escherichia coli produced cytotoxic activity. culture supernatants of 20 e. coli strains isolated from cellulitis lesions in chickens, five e. coli strains from avian septicemia, five from swollen head syndrome, and five from the feces of healthy chickens were incubated with primary chicken embryo fibroblast (cef) cells, primary chicken kidney (pck) cells, a quail fibroblast cell line (qt-35), and four mammalian cell lines (huma ...200111332498
cytopathic effects of toxogenic strains of helicobacter pylori on different cell lines.many virulence factors are involved in the pathomechanism of infection caused by helicobacter pylori. toxins such as vacuolating cytotoxin, encoded by the vaca gene and the immunogenic protein caga, encoded by the caga gene (cytotoxin-associated gene) are major factors conferring the property of virulence. the current study is aimed at isolation of h. pylori and separation of its toxin from antral biopsies of patients.201424943747
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