a novel highly reproducible and lethal nonhuman primate model for orthopox virus infection.the intentional re-introduction of variola virus (varv), the agent of smallpox, into the human population is of great concern due its bio-terroristic potential. moreover, zoonotic infections with cowpox (cpxv) and monkeypox virus (mpxv) cause severe diseases in humans. smallpox vaccines presently available can have severe adverse effects that are no longer acceptable. the efficacy and safety of new vaccines and antiviral drugs for use in humans can only be demonstrated in animal models. the exis ...201020454688
susceptibility of marmosets (callithrix jacchus) to monkeypox virus: a low dose prospective model for monkeypox and smallpox disease.although current nonhuman primate models of monkeypox and smallpox diseases provide some insight into disease pathogenesis, they require a high titer inoculum, use an unnatural route of infection, and/or do not accurately represent the entire disease course. this is a concern when developing smallpox and/or monkeypox countermeasures or trying to understand host pathogen relationships. in our studies, we altered half of the test system by using a new world nonhuman primate host, the common marmos ...201526147658
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