[parasitic helminths of the cecum and colon of equidae in italy].intestinal helminths from coecum and colon were studied in 93 equidae including 40 horses, 36 donkeys and 17 mules. a total of 38 species, 36 nematodes and 2 cestodes, were identified as follows: 1) triodontophorus serratus, 2) triodontophorus brevicauda, 3) strongylus equinus, 4) strongylus edentatus, 5) strongylus vulgaris, 6) cyathostomum tetracanthum, 7) cyathostomum coronatum, 8) cyathostomum labiatum, 9) cyathostomum labratum, 10) cyathostomum alveatum, 11) cyathostomum pateratum, 12) cyat ...19921339978
cyathostomum catinatum infection in a mule of palam valley, india: a case report.the small strongyles also called as cyathostomes, cyathostomins or trichonemes, affect the health status of equines, leading to morbidity and mortality in heavily infested individuals. the present study was carried out with the aim to identify the cause of colic in a mule of palam valley, himachal pradesh, india. the detailed faecal sample examination revealed heavy intensity of strongyle eggs with an egg per gram value of 2300. the collected faecal sample also exhibited presence of adult worms. ...201728615874
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