experimental infection of northern bobwhite quail with borrelia burgdorferi.four-week-old northern bobwhite quail (colinus virginianus) were inoculated subcutaneously with 10(6) organisms from a low passage culture of borrelia burgdorferi. blood was collected weekly for culture, antibody detection, and immunoblot analysis. three weeks postinoculation, viable spirochetes were isolated from the blood of one bird, but not from kidney, spleen, liver, or heart; all infected birds from which preinfection antibody titer had been established, had antibodies by the enzyme-linked ...19947760479
bacteriolytic activity of selected vertebrate sera for borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto and borrelia in vitro assay to evaluate the bacteriolytic activity of the complement pathway was applied to 2 strains of borrelia bissettii, co501 and dn127, and compared with that of b. burgdorferi sensu stricto b31. sera from mule deer (odocoileus hemionus) and the western fence lizard (sceloporus occidentalis) were completely borreliacidal for b. burgdorferi and for both strains of b. bissettii. serum from bobwhite quail (colinus virginianus) was nonlytic for b. burgdorferi and partially lytic for b. b ...200314740924
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