complete genome sequences of pigeon adenovirus 1 and duck adenovirus 2 extend the number of species within the genus aviadenovirus.complete genomes of the first isolates of pigeon adenovirus 1 (piadv-1) and muscovy duck adenovirus (duck adenovirus 2, dadv-2) were sequenced. the piadv-1 genome is 45,480bp long, and has a gene organization most similar to turkey adenovirus 1. near the left end of the genome, it lacks orf0, orf1a, orf1b and orf1c, and possesses orf52, whereas six novel genes were found near the right end. the dadv-2 genome is 43,734bp long, and has a gene organization similar to that of goose adenovirus 4 (goa ...201424971703
molecular characterization, phylogeny analysis and pathogenicity of a muscovy duck adenovirus strain isolated in china in 2014.this study aimed to characterize a novel adenovirus (adv) isolated from diseased muscovy ducks in china. after the adv was successfully propagated in duck embryo fibroblasts, the morphological and physicochemical properties of the virions were studied by electron microscopy and different tests. the results of the analyses were in conformity with adv properties. the full genome sequence was determined and analyzed. the new isolate (named ch-gd-12-2014) shared over 91% sequence identity with duck ...201626989945
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