prevalence of toxoplasma gondii in raptors from france.little is known about the prevalence or importance of toxoplasma gondii infections in raptors. sera from eurasian buzzards (buteo buteo, n=14), tawny owls (strix aluco, n=12), barn owls (tyto alba, n=18), eurasian sparrowhawk (accipiter nisus, n=1), and common kestrels (falco tinnunculus, n=8) were examined for agglutinating antibodies using the modified agglutination test at 1:25 dilution. antibodies were not detected in common kestrels and the eurasian sparrowhawk but were detected in 11 euras ...200818263835
high seroprevalence of antibodies to toxoplasma gondii in wild animals from portugal.we report an investigation of antibodies to toxoplasma gondii in 52 wild birds and 20 wild mammals from northern and central areas of portugal by using the modified agglutination test. the birds comprised 26 common buzzards (buteo buteo), five tawny owls (strix aluco), four white storks (ceconia ceconia), three eurasian eagle owls (bubo bubo), three northern goshawks (accipiter gentilis), two booted eagles (hieraaetus pennatus), two common barn owls (tyto alba), two eurasian sparrowhawks (accipi ...201021104273
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