spoilage bacteria of fresh broiler chicken carcasses.studies were conducted to identify the bacteria responsible for spoilage of fresh broiler chicken carcasses and to characterize the off-odors these bacteria produce. broiler carcasses were collected from processing plants in the northeast georgia area, the southeastern u.s., arkansas, california, and north carolina. the carcasses were allowed to spoil under controlled conditions at 3 c and spoilage bacteria were isolated. each spoilage bacterium was separately inoculated into a sterile chicken s ...19958825595
transient sensitivity to nisin in cold-shocked gram negatives.rapid chilling in the presence of nisin caused a dose-dependent reduction in the populations of several gram-negative bacteria, despite the fact that appreciable structural injury to the outer membrane was not detected. pseudomonas aeruginosa was most affected, followed by pseudomonas fragi, salmonella enteritidis pt4, pt7 and escherichia coli, respectively. addition of nisin after the chilling treatment had no effect. the results are ascribed to a transient susceptibility caused by phase change ...200010972735
simultaneous detection of pseudomonas fragi, p. lundensis, and p. putida from meat by use of a multiplex pcr assay targeting the cara gene.species-specific primers and a multiplex pcr assay were developed for the simultaneous identification and differentiation of pseudomonas fragi, p. lundensis, and p. putida based on the coamplification of different portions of the small subunit of the carbamoyl phosphate synthase gene (cara). the cara multiplex pcr was used to detect the presence of the three pseudomonas species from beef, chicken, and pork samples and proved to be effective in showing their evolution during the storage of meat.200717293505
physicochemical properties of pseudomonas fragi isolates response to modified atmosphere packaging.pseudomonas spp., in particular pseudomonas fragi, are dominant in aerobically stored chilled meats. this work isolated p. fragi isolates from spoiled chicken and investigated the effect of modified atmosphere packaging (map, co2/n2 30%/70%) on physicochemical properties of p. fragi isolates compared to the corresponding controls (air). a total of six p. fragi isolates were isolated from aerobically stored spoiled chicken. map inhibited the growth of the isolates primarily in the exponential pha ...201728531290
evaluation of the spoilage potential of bacteria isolated from chilled chicken in vitro and in situ.microorganisms play an important role in the spoilage of chilled chicken. in this study, a total of 53 isolates, belonging to 7 species of 3 genera, were isolated using a selective medium based on the capacity to spoil chicken juice. four isolates, namely aeromonas salmonicida 35, pseudomonas fluorescens h5, pseudomonas fragi h8 and serratia liquefaciens 17, were further characterized to assess their proteolytic activities in vitro using meat protein extracts and to evaluate their spoilage poten ...201728040161
identification of pseudomonads from fresh and chill-stored chicken carcasses.results of carbon source assimilation tests (17 carbon compounds) led to 88% of pseudomonads from cold-stored chicken carcasses being assigned to one of 17 groups. of these groups, 13 had combinations of properties identical to, or with readily recognizable degrees of similarity to those of published species/biovars. two of the four groups having carbon assimilation patterns dissimilar to any known species had cellular fatty acid composition corresponding to pseudomonas fluorescens, and two to p ...19989553797
effect of an elevated level of carbon dioxide containing atmosphere on the growth of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria at 2, 7, and 13 c.the effect of 80% co2 (balance air) on the survival and growth of microorganisms most often associated with spoilage and foodborne disease in poultry carcasses was compared to air at 2, 7, and 13 c. the co2 atmosphere substantially retarded the growth of the total bacterial load in uninoculated ground chicken meat and parts at all temperatures when compared to air; however, temperature had a larger overall effect than atmosphere. ground chicken meat and synthetic broth were inoculated (greater t ...19863090536
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