outbreaks of avian influenza h6n2 viruses in chickens arose by a reassortment of h6n8 and h9n2 ostrich viruses.the first recorded outbreak of avian influenza (ai) in south african chickens (low pathogenicity h6n2) occurred at camperdown, kwazulu/natal province (kzn) in june 2002. to determine the source of the outbreak, we defined the phylogenetic relationships between various h6n2 isolates, and the previously unpublished gene sequences of an h6n8 virus isolated in 1998 from ostriches in the leeu gamka region (a/ostrich/south africa/kk98/98). we demonstrated that two distinct genetic h6n2 lineages (sub-l ...200716927114
serological investigation of highly pathogenic avian influenza h5n2 in ostriches (struthio camelus).an ostrich farm of 929 birds that tested polymerase chain reaction-positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza h5n2 in a single sample was designated for culling, despite no evidence of sero-conversion as assessed by haemagglutination inhibition (hi) tests. a month later and immediately prior to culling, all birds were bled and tested with an idexx avian influenza virus (aiv) nucleoprotein (np)-specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and a high sero-prevalence was detected. to addr ...201323607480
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