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pathologic findings and viral antigen distribution during natural infection of ring-necked pheasants with h5n2 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus a.highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) is a major viral disease of poultry characterized by acute onset, systemic infection, and rapid death. in january 2015, h5n2 hpai was identified by quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (qrt-pcr) and gene sequencing as the cause of rapid death in 40 of 390 ring-necked pheasants (approximately 10% mortality), raised in a game bird farm in washington state. we report clinicopathologic findings and viral antigen distribution in pheasan ...201727694426
pathobiology of clade h5nx high pathogenicity avian influenza virus infections in minor gallinaceous poultry supports early backyard flock introductions in western u.s., 2014-2015, the u.s. experienced an unprecedented outbreak of eurasian clade h5 highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) virus. initial cases affected mainly wild birds and mixed backyard poultry species, while later outbreaks affected mostly commercial chickens and turkeys. the pathogenesis, transmission, and intra-host evolutionary dynamics of initial eurasian h5n8 and reassortant h5n2 clade hpai viruses in the u.s. were investigated in minor gallinaceous poultry species (i.e ...201728794040
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