viral vector vaccines expressing nucleoprotein and phosphoprotein genes of avian bornaviruses ameliorate homologous challenge infections in cockatiels and common canaries.avian bornaviruses are causative agents of proventricular dilatation disease (pdd), an often fatal disease of parrots and related species (order psittaciformes) which is widely distributed in captive psittacine populations and may affect endangered species. here, we established a vaccination strategy employing two different well described viral vectors, namely recombinant newcastle disease virus (ndv) and modified vaccinia virus ankara (mva) that were engineered to express the phosphoprotein and ...201627830736
viral vector vaccines protect cockatiels from inflammatory lesions after heterologous parrot bornavirus 2 challenge infection.avian bornaviruses are causative agents of proventricular dilatation disease (pdd), a chronic neurologic and often fatal disorder of psittacines including endangered species. to date no causative therapy or immunoprophylaxis is available. our previous work has shown that viral vector vaccines can delay the course of homologous bornavirus challenge infections but failed to protect against pdd when persistent infection was not prevented. the goal of this study was to refine our avian bornavirus va ...201728017426
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