avian polyomavirus infection and disease in a green aracaris (pteroglossus viridis).avian polyomavirus (apv) is one of the most significant pathogens of domestically raised psittacine birds (parrots). one or more apvs are suspected to infect nonpsittacine cage birds, but the relationship of these viruses to the apv infecting parrots remains unclear. in this report, for the first time, we fully document an apv infection in a nonpsittacine cage bird, a green aracaris (pteroglossus viridis). grossly, this bird evidenced generalized hemorrhage. histologically, there was severe hepa ...199910494430
an outbreak of the polyomavirus infection in budgerigars and cockatiels in slovakia, including a genome analysis of an avian polyomavirus winter 2003-04, large numbers of budgerigars (mellopsitacus undulatus) and cockatiels (nymphicus hollandicus) fell ill and died in a large parrot-breeding aviary in slovakia. in budgerigars, the disease outbreak occurred at the age of 2-3 weeks; cockatiels died within their first 7 days of life. in budgerigars, symptoms of the disease included delayed growth, tremor, darkish discoloration of skin, quill bleeding, and feathering defects. cockatiels often died without any symptoms and with a fu ...200616617994
histologic, immunohistochemical, and electron microscopic features of a unique pulmonary tumor in cockatiels (nymphicus hollandicus): six cases.a unique form of pulmonary malignancy develops in cockatiels. this report describes the gross, histologic, electron microscopic, and immunohistochemical features of this tumor in 6 cockatiels. dna in-situ hybridization for polyomavirus in the neoplasm was also performed. the tumor was comprised predominantly of compact sheets of anaplastic round to polygonal cells. all tumors had a high mitotic index, and had occasional large clear to slightly basophilic intranuclear inclusions that caused perip ...200919605913
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