adaptation and attenuation of duck tembusu virus strain du/ch/lsd/110128 following serial passage in chicken tembusu virus (dtmuv) is a newly emerging pathogenic flavivirus that has caused massive economic losses to the duck industry in china. in the current study, a virulent strain of dtmuv, designated du/ch/lsd/110128, was isolated from the livers of diseased ducks and attenuated by serial passage in embryonated chicken eggs. the virus was partially attenuated after 50 and 70 passages and was fully attenuated after 90 passages, based on mortality and morbidity rates and viral loads in inoculated ...201424872514
efficient strategy to generate a vectored duck enteritis virus delivering envelope of duck tembusu tembusu virus (dtmuv) is a recently emerging pathogenic flavivirus that has resulted in a huge economic loss in the duck industry. however, no vaccine is currently available to control this pathogen. consequently, a practical strategy to construct a vaccine against this pathogen should be determined. in this study, duck enteritis virus (dev) was examined as a candidate vaccine vector to deliver the envelope (e) of dtmuv. a modified mini-f vector was inserted into the sorf3 and us2 gene junc ...201424956180
identification and whole-genome sequence analysis of tembusu virus gx2013g, isolated from a cherry valley duckling in southern china.a duck tembusu virus (dtmuv) was isolated from the brain of a cherry valley duckling that showed neurological signs by using a specific-pathogen-free chicken embryo. the isolate was named gx2013g (genbank accession no. km275941). the strain gx2013g was identified with reverse transcription-pcr (rt-pcr), and the amplicon was sequenced. the genome that was obtained is 10,990 nucleotides in length and contains a single open reading frame encoding a putative polyprotein of 3,425 amino acids. this st ...201525700393
genome analysis of a tembusu virus, gx2013h, isolated from a cheery valley duck in guangxi, china.we report here the complete genome sequence of a duck tembusu virus (dtmuv) strain, gx2013h, isolated from a duck from cheery valley in the guangxi province of southern china in 2013. we obtained the strain gx2013h from a cheery valley duck with severely decreased egg production and neurological signs. the genome of gx2013h is 10,990 nucleotides (nt) in length and contains a single open reading frame encoding a putative polyprotein of 3,425 amino acids (aa). a comparison of the complete sequence ...201425013132
development of a live attenuated vaccine candidate against duck tembusu viral tembusu virus (dtmuv) is a newly emerging pathogenic flavivirus that is causing massive economic loss in the chinese duck industry. to obtain a live vaccine candidate against the disease, the dtmuv isolate fx2010 was passaged serially in chicken embryo fibroblasts (cefs). characterization of fx2010-180p revealed that it was unable to replicate efficiently in chicken embryonated eggs, nor intranasally infect mice or shelducks at high doses of 5.5log10 tissue culture infectious doses (tcid50) ...201424503086
development of a solid-phase competition elisa to detect antibodies against newly emerged duck tembusu tembusu virus (dtmuv) was first isolated in northern china in 2010, and is an emerging viral pathogen that is now rapidly spreading to most chinese provinces causing a severe disease and economic losses for the duck breeding industry. the virus can affect ducks, chickens and geese, but currently there are no commercial elisa methods for detecting antibodies against dtmuv from different species, or for assessing antibody titers in infected birds. in the present study, a solid-phase competiti ...201526320577
an infectious full-length cdna clone of duck tembusu virus, a newly emerging flavivirus causing duck egg drop syndrome in tembusu virus (tmuv) is a recently identified pathogenic flavivirus that causes severe egg drop and encephalitis in chinese ducks and geese. it has been found to be most closely related to the mosquito-origin tembusu virus and chicken sitiawan virus reported in malaysia. however, the ecological characteristics and the pathogenesis of duck tmuv are largely unknown. we report the construction of full-length cdna clone of duck tmuv strain jxsp. the virus genome was reverse transcribed, amplifi ...201323116594
development of a blocking elisa for detection of serum neutralizing antibodies against newly emerged duck tembusu virus.since april 2010, domesticated ducks in china have been suffering from an emerging infectious disease characterized by retarded growth, high fever, loss of appetite, decline in egg production, and death. the causative agent was identified as a duck tembusu virus (dtmuv), a member of the ntaya virus (ntav) group within the genus flavivirus, family flaviviridae. dtmuv is highly contagious and spreads rapidly in many species of ducks. more than 10 million shelducks have been infected and approximat ...201223300851
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