prevalence of parasites and associated risk factors in domestic pigeons (columba livia domestica) and free-range backyard chickens of sistan region, east of iran.this study was carried out on free-range backyard chickens and domestic pigeons (columba livia domestica) from december 2010 to november 2011 to determine the prevalence, intensity and species of internal and external parasites in sistan region, east of iran. of the total of 59 (27 males and 32 females) free-range backyard chickens and 46 (26 males and 20 females) domestic pigeons inspected, 55 (93.22 %) and 39 (84.78 %) were infected respectively. ten species of free-range backyard chickens par ...201224082532
effect of age, sex and season on the prevalence and intensity of helminth infections in domestic pigeons (columba livia) from bursa province, turkey.the one-year study reported in this paper was carried out from april 2002 to march 2003 in domestic pigeons (columba livia) of bursa province (turkey) to determine the occurrence of helminth species and to evaluate the effect of host age, sex and season on their prevalence and intensity. a total of 100 (31 young and 69 adult) domestic pigeons were necropsied and examined. the results of necropsies revealed that 74 pigeons harboured helminth infections. three helminth species were identified: bar ...200516363146
[determination of the helminths of wild pigeons (columba livia gmelin, 1789 columbiformes) in the bursa region].the helminth fauna of 113 wild pigeons, (columba livia gmelin, 1789), in the bursa province was investigated. as a result of the investigation 3 helminth species were detected. these were capillaria columbae (gmelin, 1789), ascaridia columbae (gmelin, 1790) (nemathelminthes) and raillietina echinobothrida (megnin, 1881) (cestoda).200920101586
tapeworms of rock dove and domestic chicken in taif area, saudi arabia.the present study aimed to identify the tapeworms that parasitize the rock dove columba livia palastinae and domestic chicken gallus gallus domesticus in taif governorate, saudi arabia. a total of 115 rock doves and 105 domestic chicken have been examined. birds were brought in from the wells and farms inside and outside the city of taif. in rock doves, the percentage of infection was recorded as cotugnia digonopora 5.21%, hymenolepis carioca 10.43%, raillietina echinobothrida 27.82%, raillietin ...201223469626
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