occurrence of bufotenin in the osteocephalus genus (anura: hylidae).bufotenin (5-hydroxy-n,n-dimetyltryptamine) is a tryptamine alkaloid widely spread among anuran families as a component of their chemical defense system, acting as a potent hallucinogenic factor, showing similar activity to lsd upon interaction with the 5ht2 human receptor. this work demonstrates the presence of bufotenin in the skin secretion of three arboreal amphibian species of the osteocephalus genus (osteocephalus taurinus, osteocephalus oophagus and osteocephalus langsdorffii) from the am ...200516054186
a new species of kentropyxia baker, 1982 parasitic in the small intestine of osteocephalus taurinus steindachner (anura: hylidae) from the brazilian eastern amazon.kentropyxia hylae n. sp. is described based on material from small intestine of osteocephalus taurinus steindachner from caxiuanã national forest, municipality of melgaço, state of pará, brazil. the new species is easily distinguished from the type-species and only species of the genus, kentropyxia sauria baker, 1982, by its smaller dimensions, the presence of cervical alae, spicules divided into three parts: a robust, single pointed outer processes ending with small finger-like projections and ...201526446547
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