prevalence of haplorchis taichui and haplorchoides sp. metacercariae in freshwater fish from water reservoirs, chiang mai, thailand.a parasitological investigation on trematode metacercariae was made on 62 freshwater fishes of 13 species in northern thailand; cyclocheilichthys apogon, puntioplites proctozysron, labiobarbus siamensis, barbodes gonionotus, barbodes altus, henicorhynchus siamensis, osteochilus hasselti, notopterus notopterus, mystacoleucus marginatus, anabas testudineus, systomus orphoides, morulius chrysophykadian, and hampala macrolepidota. the fish were caught over the summer period (february-may 2007) from ...200818552549
a survey of helminths in cyprinoid fish from the mae ngad somboonchon reservoir, chiang mai province, thailand.five species of cyprinoid fish, puntioplites proctozysron, hampala macrolepidota, labiobarbus siamensis, barbodes gonionotus, and henicorhynchus siamensis, were collected from mae ngad somboonchon reservoir, chiang mai province from october 2002 to september 2003 and examined for parasites. fourteen species of helminths were discovered: ten species of monogenea, dactylogyrus macrolepidoti, d. protozysron, d. puntioplites, d. quadribrachiatus, dactylogyrus sp i, ii, iii, gyrodactylus sp, paradipl ...200515906650
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