prevalence and distribution of wellfleet bay virus exposure in the common eider (somateria mollissima).between 1998 and 2014, recurrent mortality events were reported in the dresser's subspecies of the common eider ( somateria mollissima dresseri) on cape cod, massachusetts, us near wellfleet harbor. the early die-offs were attributed to parasitism and emaciation, but beginning in 2006 a suite of distinct lesions was observed concomitant with the isolation of a previously unknown rna virus. this novel pathogen was identified as an orthomyxovirus in the genus quaranjavirus and was named wellfleet ...201727763829
trace elements in eggs of common eiders (somateria mollissima) breeding in nova scotia, canada.we provide the first report on trace element concentrations in eggs of common eiders (somateria mollissima), a coastal benthic foraging sea duck, from nova scotia, canada, and compare those to known values from this species elsewhere. most trace elements of toxicological concern (hg, se, cd, cu, zn) were lower in eider eggs from nova scotia than from eider eggs collected farther north in canada, although as was elevated. our data provide strong support for a pattern of increasing hg at higher la ...201526409818
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