a case of bilateral otomycosis associated with aspergillus flavus and a. terreus in taiwan.otitis externa caused by fungi (otomycosis) occurs more commonly in tropical areas with high moisture than in temperate regions. bilateral otomycosis is, however, rarely reported. in a case of bilateral otitis externa in a 56-year-old male patient in taiwan, direct microscopic examination of the cerumen as well as isolation of strains indicated the presence of two aspergillus species being different in each of both ears. the species were identified by dna sequence comparisons and additional morp ...201728501466
asperjinone, a nor-neolignan, and terrein, a suppressor of abcg2-expressing breast cancer cells, from thermophilic aspergillus terreus.breast cancer cells express abcg2 transporters, which mediate multidrug resistance. discovering a novel compound that can suppress abcg2 expression and restore drug sensitivity could be the key to improving breast cancer therapeutics. in the current work, one new nor-neolignan, asperjinone (1), as well as 12 other known compounds, was isolated from aspergillus terreus. the structure of the new isolate was determined by spectroscopic methods. among these isolates, terrein (2) displayed strong cyt ...201222360613
new meroterpenoids from aspergillus terreus with inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 expression.two novel meroterpenoids, yaminterritrems a (1) and b (2), were isolated from aspergillus terreus collected from hot spring zones in yang-ming mountain, taiwan, and cultured at 40 °c. the structures of 1 and 2 were elucidated by nmr, ms spectral and x-ray crystallographic analyses. the biosynthetic route for 1 and 2 involving the conversion of the sesquiterpene with phenyl-α-pyrone is proposed. besides, 2 exhibited a dose-dependent inhibitory effect on cox-2 expression in lps-stimulated raw264.7 ...201525915447
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