pinning down a polymorphic parasite: new genetic and morphological descriptions of eimeria macropodis from the tammar wallaby (macropus eugenii).identification of the protozoan parasite, eimeria has traditionally relied on oocyst morphology, host range and life-cycle attributes. however, it is increasingly recognized that eimeria species can vary in size and shape across their host range, an attribute known as 'polymorphism' that presents a unique challenge for identification. advances in molecular tools hold promise for characterising eimeria that may otherwise be misclassified based on morphology. our study used morphologic and molecul ...201222469916
further characterisation of two eimeria species (eimeria quokka and eimeria setonicis) in quokkas (setonix brachyurus).the identification and characterisation of novel eimeria species has largely been based on sporulated oocyst and sporocyst morphology, the host species and the geographical range. variation in the size and shape of eimeria oocysts across their host range however, make the identification and characterisation of novel species using traditional methodologies alone problematic. the use of molecular markers and phylogenetic analysis has greatly advanced our ability to characterise eimeria species and ...201424508502
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