the south american opossum, didelphis marsupialis, from brazil as another definitive host for sarcocystis speeri dubey and lindsay, 1999.the north american opossum, didelphis virginiana, is a definitive host for at least 3 species of sarcocvstis: s. falcatula stiles 1983, s. neurona dubey, davis, speer, bowman, de lahunta, granstrom, topper, hamir, cummings, suter 1991, and s. speeri dubey and lindsay 1999. in order to identify species of sarcocystis in the south american opossum, d. inarsupialis, sarcocystis sporocysts from the intestines of a naturally infected opossum (d. marsupialis) from brazil were fed to 4 gamma-interferon ...200011155929
molecular characterization and development of sarcocystis speeri sarcocysts in gamma interferon gene knockout mice.the north american opossum (didelphis virginiana) is the definitive host for at least three named species of sarcocystis: sarcocystis falcatula, sarcocystis neurona and sarcocystis speeri. the south american opossums (didelphis albiventris, didelphis marsupialis and didelphis aurita) are definitive hosts for s. falcatula and s. lindsayi. the sporocysts of these sarcocystis species are similar morphologically. they are also not easily distinguished genetically because of the difficulties of dna e ...201526303093
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