trypanosomes of australian mammals: a review.approximately 306 species of terrestrial and arboreal mammals are known to have inhabited the mainland and coastal islands of australia at the time of european settlement in 1788. the exotic trypanosoma lewisi was the first mammalian trypanosome identified in australia in 1888, while the first native species, trypanosoma pteropi, was taxonomically described in 1913. since these discoveries, about 22% of the indigenous mammalian fauna have been examined during the surveillance of trypanosome biod ...201425161902
temporal and spatial dynamics of trypanosomes infecting the brush-tailed bettong (bettongia penicillata): a cautionary note of disease-induced population decline.the brush-tailed bettong or woylie (bettongia penicillata) is on the brink of extinction. its numbers have declined by 90% since 1999, with their current distribution occupying less than 1% of their former australian range. woylies are known to be infected with three different trypanosomes (trypanosoma vegrandis, trypanosoma copemani and trypanosoma sp. h25) and two different strains of t. copemani that vary in virulence. however, the role that these haemoparasites have played during the recent ...201424708757
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