fatal pneumonia of bighorn sheep following association with domestic sheep.during 1979-1980 acute fibrinopurulent bronchopneumonia resulted in high mortality or total loss of herds of bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) in california and washington. contact with domestic sheep occurred shortly before the onset of disease in each case. circumstantial evidence indicated that the apparently healthy domestic sheep transmitted pathogenic bacteria to the bighorns, resulting in mortality. pasteurella multocida and corynebacterium pyogenes were isolated from pulmonary tissue of de ...19827047767
characterization of pasteurella multocida associated with pneumonia in bighorn sheep.pasteurella multocida is a highly diverse group of bacteria recognized as important pathogens. although p. multocida is not ordinarily associated with disease in rocky mountain bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis), numerous isolates were cultured in high numbers from free-ranging bighorn sheep in the hells canyon area of idaho, washington, and oregon (usa) during the winter of 1995-96. animals captured in hells canyon and held in captivity, and their offspring, also harbored p. multocida. ...200314567214
sharing of pasteurella spp. between free-ranging bighorn sheep and feral goats.pasteurella spp. were isolated from feral goats and free-ranging bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis) in the hells canyon national recreation area bordering idaho, oregon, and washington (usa). biovariant 1 pasteurella haemolytica organisms were isolated from one goat and one of two bighorn sheep found in close association. both isolates produced leukotoxin and had identical electrophoretic patterns of dna fragments following cutting with restriction endonuclease haeiii. similarly pasteure ...200314733287
pcr assay detects mannheimia haemolytica in culture-negative pneumonic lung tissues of bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) from outbreaks in the western usa, 2009-2010.mannheimia haemolytica consistently causes severe bronchopneumonia and rapid death of bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) under experimental conditions. however, bibersteinia trehalosi and pasteurella multocida have been isolated from pneumonic bighorn lung tissues more frequently than m. haemolytica by culture-based methods. we hypothesized that assays more sensitive than culture would detect m. haemolytica in pneumonic lung tissues more accurately. therefore, our first objective was to develop a p ...201424171569
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