zoonoses and other findings in hedgehogs (erinaceus europaeus): a survey of mortality and review of the literature.a survey of mortality in hedgehogs (erinaceus europaeus) was carried out between july 1976 and november 1986. most were from norfolk. of the 74 examined, 35 (47.3 per cent) were road casualties, one of which yielded salmonella typhimurium phage type (pt) 104. of the remaining 39, 13 (33.3 per cent) had salmonellosis due to s enteritidis pt 11. this organism, which appears to be common and widespread in hedgehogs in england was found in 10 separate incidents. the only other zoonosis was ringworm ...19912035215
multidrug-resistant salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium monophasic variant 4,12:i:- isolated from asymptomatic wildlife in a catalonian wildlife rehabilitation center, spain.wildlife can act as long-term asymptomatic reservoirs for zoonotic bacteria, such as salmonella. the prevalence and antimicrobial-susceptibility profiles of salmonella spp. were assessed in 263 cases in wildlife from 22 animal orders from a wildlife rehabilitation center in catalonia (ne spain), september 2013-may 2014. eleven of 263 tested animals were positive for salmonella spp., representing an overall prevalence of 4.2%. prevalences by taxonomic categories were 2% in mammals, 4.7% in birds, ...201525973627
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