three new genera and six new species of lecanicephalideans (cestoda) from eagle rays of the genus aetomylaeus (myliobatiformes: myliobatidae) from northern australia and lecanicephalidean cestodes inhabiting the spiral intestine were investigated in 4 of the 6 known species of eagle rays of the genus aetomylaeus garman. hosts examined consisted of 5 specimens of aetomylaeus vespertilio from northern australia, 5 of aetomylaeus maculatus from borneo, 10 of aetomylaeus nichofii sensu stricto from borneo, and 7 of aetomylaeus cf. nichofii 2 from northern australia. as a result of these new collections, 3 new genera and 6 new species of lecanicephalideans are fo ...201221882975
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