preadult stage parasites and multiple timed exposure to infective larvae are involved in development of limb edema in brugia malayi-infected indian leaf monkeys (presbytis entellus).the pathogenesis of filarial limb edema is not known. the role of parasitological variables and parasite-mediated phenomena in the development of limb edema was investigated in the presbytis entellus-brugia malayi model. infection was initiated with subcutaneous inoculation of infective third-stage larvae (l(3)), and the animals were reexposed to different doses of l(3) at the prepatent, patent, and diminishing microfilaremia (0 to 5% of peak microfilaremia count) stages of infection. a large l( ...200212093695
longitudinal cellular immune responses in asymptomatic and symptomatic brugia malayi-infected indian leaf monkey presbytis investigate the cell-mediated immune (cmi) responses of the host during the development of acute filarial disease manifestations, we studied the sequential changes in cd4+ and cd8+ t-cell subsets, leukocyte migration inhibition (lmi) response to brugia malayi adult worm antigen, and concanavalin-a (cona) and filarial antigen-induced lymphocyte transformation (lt) in the indian leaf monkey (presbytis entellus)-b. malayi model. filarial infection was established in monkeys by subcutaneous inocu ...199910577721
longitudinal humoral immune responses of indian leaf monkey (presbytis entellus) to brugia malayi infection.humoral immune responses of the indian leaf monkey (presbytis entellus) experimentally infected with brugia malayi and exhibiting disease manifestations were studied. microfilaraemia, filaria-specific igg and circulating immune complexes (cics) were determined in the monkeys at different time-points after inoculation of b. malayi 3rd-stage larvae. sera were analysed for recognition pattern of adult parasite antigen molecules by immunoblotting. more than 60% of the infected monkeys developed epis ...199910446704
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