the transmission of yellow fever : experiments with the "woolly monkey" (lagothrix lago-tricha humboldt), the "spider monkey" (ateleus ater f. cuvier), and the "squirrel monkey" (saimiri scireus linnaeus).1. saimiri sciureus has been infected with yellow fever virus, both by the inoculation of infectious blood and by the bites of infective mosquitoes. some of the monkeys have died, showing lesions, including hepatic necrosis, suggesting yellow fever as seen in human beings and in rhesus monkeys. virus has been transferred back to m. rhesus from infected saimiri both by blood inoculation and by mosquito bites. the virus undoubtedly has been maintained through four direct passages in saimiri. reino ...193019869721
effect of human gamma interferon on yellow fever virus infection.we studied yellow fever virus infection in two species of monkey: saimiri sciureus (squirrel monkeys) and macaca mulatta (rhesus monkeys). human gamma interferon was administered intravenously in five equal doses, one was given 24 hr before infection followed by four doses 24 hr apart. interferon reduced the levels and duration of viremia and the severity of hepatitis in squirrel monkeys. interferon prolonged survival time and delayed the appearance of viremia and hepatitis in infected rhesus mo ...19883152785
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