studies on the treponema pallidum immobilizing activity in normal human serum. 5. on the protective role against was shown that t. pallidum immobilized in vitro by normal serum had lost its infectivity in rabbits. this finding suggested that the immobilizing activity of normal serum might play a role in the natural resistance of man against infections with t. pallidum. however, the results of serological studies of acquired early syphilis in man and of experimental syphilis in cynomolgus monkeys did not present evidence that the immobilizing activity of normal serum protected against syphilis infection.1976826114
use of primate model system to identify chlamydia trachomatis protein antigens recognized uniquely in the context of infection.a primate model system was used to identify chlamydia trachomatis antigens uniquely recognized in the context of infection. serum antibody titres were measured in cynomolgus monkeys challenged urethrally with c. trachomatis serovar l2 elementary bodies (ebs). high-titre sera from these primates were used, in parallel with antisera against killed c. trachomatis ebs, to differentially screen an expression library of c. trachomatis serovar l2 dna. four clones were recognized only by antisera from i ...199910463174
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