disseminated infection with phialemonium obovatum in a german shepherd dog.a 4-year-old spayed female german shepherd dog was evaluated because of left forelimb lameness. a fungal granuloma on the distal portion of the radius was determined to be the cause of the lameness; the infecting organism was identified as phialemonium obovatum. despite aggressive treatment with amphotericin b, itraconazole, and ketoconazole and curettage of the local area, the dog developed systemic disease and was euthanatized 5 months after initial evaluation. immune dysfunction may have play ...200010707686
osteolytic phaeohyphomycosis in a german shepherd dog caused by phialemonium obovatum.phialemonium obovatum was found to be the cause of osteomyelitis in a german shepherd dog. histologic examination of the biopsied material from the left tibia revealed septate, irregularly branched hyphae, swollen cells, and ovate-to-spherical cells divided by a transverse septum. the majority of the fungal elements were hyaline, but a few had lightly pigmented cell walls that had a greenish yellow tint. the presence of melanin in the cell walls of the hyphae and especially in their septa was ve ...19863711290
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