campylobacter infection in domestic dogs.campylobacter jejuni, a recently recognised human enteric pathogen, was recovered from the faeces of 21.7 per cent of domestic dogs with diarrhoea as compared with only 3.1 per cent of normal healthy dogs. the recovery rate from non-diarrhoeic, but unhealthy, domestic dogs was 6.7 per cent. the differences in the incidence of c jejuni between breeds was not statistically significant. the majority of isolations were from puppies between birth and six months old. the incidence of c jejuni in domes ...19854002595
first isolation of campylobacter jejuni from the vaginal discharge of three bitches after abortion in south africa.campylobacter jejuni was isolated in pure culture from the vaginal discharge from three german shepherd bitches after late-pregnancy abortions. the main clinical sign occurring in the bitches was a profuse and odourless haemorrhagic vaginal discharge.19947596570
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