functional ultrastructure of the parenchymatic capsules of the cestode thysanotaenia congolensis (cyclophyllidea, anoplocephalidae, inermicapsiferinae).proglottids from adult thysanotaenia congolensis from naturally infected black rats rattus rattus from santiago island, cape verde, were examined by transmission electron microscopy (tem). the uterus in mature proglottids is composed of an ephemeral transverse tube or sac that breaks down, releasing eggs into the parenchyma where they are sequestered in groups and encapsulated by parenchymatous layers. in gravid proglottids, eggs accumulate in groups of 6-12 at the distal end of sac-like uterine ...201525344207
functional ultrastructure of eggs and cellular organization of hexacanths of the cyclophyllidean cestode thysanotaenia congolensis: a phylogenetic implication of obtained results.the functional ultrastructure of eggs and cellular organization of hexacanths from gravid proglottids of thysanotaenia congolensis, from black rats from cape verde, were examined by transmission electron microscopy. mature eggs with fully formed hexacanths are grouped within parenchymatous capsules of gravid proglottids. oncospheral envelopes surrounding mature hexacanths are reduced to a very thin membranous embryophore as their protective function is taken over by the parenchymatous capsules o ...201626689933
spermatozoon ultrastructure of thysanotaenia congolensis (cyclophyllidea, anoplocephalidae, inermicapsiferinae): phylogenetic implications.the mature spermatozoon of thysanotaenia congolensis, an intestinal parasite of black rat rattus rattus from cape verde, is described by means of transmission electron microscopy. the ultrastructural organization of the sperm cell of t. congolensis follows levron et al.'s type vii of the eucestoda. it corresponds to a uniflagellate spermatozoon that presents crested bodies, periaxonemal sheath and intracytoplasmic walls, spiralled cortical microtubules and nucleus spiralled around the axoneme. t ...201627083191
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