cyathostoma (cyathostoma) phenisci baudet, 1937 (nematoda: syngamidae), a parasite of respiratory tract of african penguin spheniscus demersus: morphological and molecular characterisation with some ecological and veterinary we provide a morphological and molecular analysis of the taxonomic status of cyathostoma (cyathostoma) phenisci baudet, 1937, a rare nematode parasite of african penguin spheniscus demersus. taxonomical evaluation is supplemented wi th ecological and epidemiological analysis of the nematode's occurrence in the african penguin's population. tracheae and air sacs of 13 among the 94 necropsied birds (overall prevalence 13.8%) contained a total of 33 nematode specimens (20 females, 13 males). t ...201323684707
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