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sensitivity of antigen elisa test for detecting trypanosoma evansi antigen in horses in the subtropical area of argentina.the sensitivity of an antigen detection enzyme immunoassay (ag-elisa) based on a trypanosoma brucei group-specific monoclonal antibody was evaluated to detect circulating trypanosoma evansi antigen in horse sera. three horses and 2 mules were experimentally infected with t. evansi. circulating antigens were detected on 7 and 21 days postinfection. antigen levels increased during the course of the illness and remained high even when parasitemia was low or when parasites could not be detected. ant ...19957472885
chemotherapy of surra in horses and mules with diminazene aceturate.during june-july 2000, an outbreak of surra occurred on an equine breeding farm in khonkaen province, thailand. forty-two percent of pregnant mares aborted or gave stillbirth and 40% (19/47) of horses and 10% (1/10) of mules died from surra. in august 2000 trypanosoma evansi were detected in the remaining animals (28 horses and nine mules) on the farm by blood smear and/or the haematocrit centrifuge technique. all animals were treated with diminazene aceturate at 3.5 mg/kg body weight by intramu ...200312482651
genetic diversity of trypanosoma evansi in beef cattle based on internal transcribed spacer region.this study was focused on genetic diversity of trypanosoma evansi which is a widely distributed haemoflagellate of veterinary importance that infects a variety of larger mammals including horses, mules, camels, buffalo, cattle and deer. the genetic diversity of t. evansi of beef cattle lam19 was accomplished by using phylogenetic analysis based on internal transcribed spacer region (its). blood sample was collected from a naturally infected beef cattle lam 19 and parasitemia was raised by mouse ...200818096444
early detection of trypanosoma evansi infection and monitoring of antibody levels by elisa following present communication, we report an outbreak of trypanosoma evansi in equine herd n = 30 (horse and mules) which, were reared in fly proof stables as well as in open paddock maintained under semi-intensive system of management, and its effective control using trypanocidal drug. the infection was monitored by antibody elisa up to 180 days post-treatment (pt). a total of 8 out of 14 equines (57.14 %) which were maintained only in open paddocks were found positive with t. evansi infection parasi ...201424505190
epidemiology of trypanosoma evansi and trypanosoma vivax in domestic animals from selected districts of tigray and afar regions, northern ethiopia.african animal trypanosomosis, transmitted cyclically by tsetse flies or mechanically by other biting flies, causes serious inflictions to livestock health. this study investigates the extent of non-tsetse transmitted animal trypanosomosis (nttat) by trypanosoma (t.) evansi and t. vivax in domestic animals in the tsetse-free regions of northern ethiopia, afar and tigray.201525889702
multiplex pcr for detection of trypanosoma evansi and theileria equi in equids of punjab, india.multiplex pcr for simultaneous detection of trypanosoma evansi and theileria equi in single-step reaction was optimized and employed on 108 equids (99 horses and 9 donkeys/mules) blood samples collected from two agro-climatic zones (sub-mountain undulating zone and undulating plain zone) of punjab to evaluate the status of concurrent infection and associated risk factors. the amplification products of 257 and 709 bp targeting repetitive nucleotide sequence of variable surface glycoproteins of t. ...201526070973
interaction of trypanosoma evansi with the plasminogen-plasmin system.trypanosoma evansi is a widely-distributed haemoflagellated parasite of veterinary importance that infects a variety of mammals including horses, mules, camels, buffalos, cattle and deer. it is the causal agent of a trypanosomiasis known as surra which produces epidemics of great economic importance in africa, asia and south america. the main pathology includes an enlarged spleen with hypertrophy of lymphoid follicles, congested lungs, neuronal degeneration and meningoencephalitis, where migrati ...201627514905
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