sensitivity of antigen elisa test for detecting trypanosoma evansi antigen in horses in the subtropical area of argentina.the sensitivity of an antigen detection enzyme immunoassay (ag-elisa) based on a trypanosoma brucei group-specific monoclonal antibody was evaluated to detect circulating trypanosoma evansi antigen in horse sera. three horses and 2 mules were experimentally infected with t. evansi. circulating antigens were detected on 7 and 21 days postinfection. antigen levels increased during the course of the illness and remained high even when parasitemia was low or when parasites could not be detected. ant ...19957472885
a cross-sectional study of trypanosomosis and its vectors in donkeys and mules in northwest ethiopia.a preliminary study was conducted in january 2009 in four peasant associations (pas) selected from two districts in benishangul gumuz regional state, northwest ethiopia to investigate the prevalence and species of trypanosomes infecting donkeys and mules and identify the fly vectors playing a role in the transmission of trypanosomosis. blood samples were collected from a total of 334 donkeys and 52 mules and examined by dark ground/phase contrast buffy coat technique and giemsa-stained blood sme ...201020143093
studies of quinapyramine-resistance of trypanosoma brucei evansi in the present article, we summarize our studies of antrycide-resistance of trypanosoma brucei evansi in four aspects in the last recent several years, the analysis of quinapyramine-sensitive situation of t. b. evansi in china, biological characteristics of t. b. evansi population in quinapyramine-resistance and biological materials of quinapyramine-resistance in t. b. evansi population. firstly, the correlative assays of effective dosage of quinapyramine on t. b. evansi disease between in vivo ...201020813092
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