[parasitic helminths of the cecum and colon of equidae in italy].intestinal helminths from coecum and colon were studied in 93 equidae including 40 horses, 36 donkeys and 17 mules. a total of 38 species, 36 nematodes and 2 cestodes, were identified as follows: 1) triodontophorus serratus, 2) triodontophorus brevicauda, 3) strongylus equinus, 4) strongylus edentatus, 5) strongylus vulgaris, 6) cyathostomum tetracanthum, 7) cyathostomum coronatum, 8) cyathostomum labiatum, 9) cyathostomum labratum, 10) cyathostomum alveatum, 11) cyathostomum pateratum, 12) cyat ...19921339978
setaria equina infection of turkish equines: estimates of prevalence based on necropsy and the detection of microfilaraemia.necropsies on 43 horses, 35 donkeys and two mules slaughtered in ankara, turkey, revealed that 12 (15%) of the equines harboured adult setaria equina. when blood samples were checked for microfilariae, using knott's method and a combination of membrane filtration followed by histochemical staining for acid phosphatase (ap), only three (4%) of the animals were found to be microfilaraemic. when stained for ap, the s. equina microfilariae exhibited diffuse red staining over the entire body, includi ...200312831525
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