prevalence, intensity and risk factors of infestation with major gastrointestinal nematodes in equines in and around shashemane, southern ethiopia.prevalence, intensity and risk factors of major gastrointestinal nematode infestation in equines were studied through a cross-sectional survey in 384 equids from october 2013 to april 2014 in and around shashemane, southern ethiopia. three hundred and fifteen equids (82 %) were demonstrated harbouring one or more gastrointestinal (git) nematodes using the faecal flotation technique. the prevalence of git nematode infestation was 73.4, 85 and 86.5 % for horses, mules and donkeys, respectively. th ...201526205906
gastrointestinal parasitic worms in equines in the paraíba valley, state of são paulo, brazil.over a period of 12 years, from 1988 to 2000, a total of 20 individual equines (16 horses and 4 mules) were selected at random, from 10 municipalities in the paraíba valley, in the state of são paulo, brazil, and then subjected to necropsy for collection of gastrointestinal worms. individual samples of 10% of the intestinal contents were also taken for counting and identifying the species present, and to establish the prevalence of worms in equine species in the paraíba valley. in the sample con ...200616687215
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