abortion in a mediterranean miniature donkey (equus asinus) associated with a gammaherpesvirus similar to equid herpesvirus 7.fetal tissues and placenta from a third trimester mediterranean miniature donkey (equus asinus) abortion were submitted to the washington state university, washington animal disease diagnostic laboratory for abortion diagnosis. microscopic examination of formalin-fixed tissues revealed multifocal necrotizing placentitis. several cells within the necrotic foci contained large, eosinophilic, intranuclear inclusions. virus isolation from fresh, frozen placenta identified a cytopathic, syncytia-form ...201526462760
isolation of a gammaherpesvirus similar to asinine herpesvirus-2 (ahv-2) from a mule and a survey of mules and donkeys for ahv-2 infection by real-time pcr.equids are commonly infected by herpesviruses, but isolation of herpesviruses from mules has apparently not been previously reported. furthermore, the genomic relationships among the various equid herpesviruses are poorly characterized. we describe the isolation and preliminary characterization of a mule gammaherpesvirus tentatively identified as asinine herpesvirus-2 (ahv-2; also designated equid herpesvirus-7 (ehv-7)) from the nasal secretions (ns) of a healthy mule in northern california. the ...200818280676
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