clostridium botulinum type b toxicosis in a herd of cattle and a group of mules.clostridium botulinum type b toxicosis was diagnosed as the cause of generalized weakness and death in a group of cows and mules fed from the same batch of rye silage. one severely affected cow was treated and recovered, as did other less severely affected cows. all affected mules died. the remaining cattle in the herd were then vaccinated before continued feeding of the silage.19863512502
an outbreak of type c botulism in 12 horses and a mule.a usda early response team investigated deaths of several horses and a mule in northern arizona at the request of local animal health officials. thirteen animals (12 horses and 1 mule) housed at 5 facilities in a 7.4 square mile area died between august 1998 and january 1999. clinical signs consisted of muscular weakness that rapidly progressed to lateral recumbency. ten animals had paresis of the tongue, throat, or lips. affected animals appeared alert and were interested in eating and drinking ...200010935041
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