[demonstration of pseudomonas pseudomallei (whitmore's bacillus) in the mud of iranian ricefields (author's transl)].whitmore bacillus had killed a horse and a mule in a herd bred for serum production in 1970 (baharsefat and amjadi). out of 157 soil samples from rice fields in northern iran it was possible to isolate 19 times pseudomonas pseudomallei (types i and ii) possessing a very high pathogenicity for animals. attempts at an evaluation of the human incidence of the disease.19751243750
glanders and the risk for its introduction through the international movement of horses.glanders is the contagious zoonotic disease caused by infection with burkholderia mallei. it affects primarily horses, donkeys and mules. the disease was eradicated from large areas of the western world in the early 20th century, but, over the last 10-20 years, has emerged and re-emerged in areas in which it was previously unknown or had been eradicated. although glanders was previously thought to manifest in only acute or chronic presentations, it now appears that b. mallei can produce latent i ...201627288893
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